50 Cent, Eminem and Rick Ross Show You How to Sell Drugs

August 3, 2012 By:

Drugs and music have been bedfellows since pretty much the beginning of civilization. Drugs have found their way in to rock songs and rap songs and folk songs, and are one of the most common causes of celebrity deaths. So if you're looking to make a movie about the drug industry in America, it makes sense to seek the wisdom of some of the guys who have given us such lyrical gems as "Look mami, I got the X if you into takin' drugs" and "I'm burning purple flowers".

The film, titled How To Make Money Selling Drugs, will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this September and was produced by Entourage's Adrian Grenier and directed by Matthew Cole. 50 Cent, Ross and Eminem will be joined by Hollywood vets Susan Sarandon and Woody Harrelson, as well as several government officials and dealers in an interview based exploration of how drugs are dealt and dealt with.

In the trailer, we see 50 Cent say, "They say, 'Let me help you help yourself. I'm gonna give you 3-and-a-half grams. You know what to do with this? Because if you know what you do with this, you're gonna be alright." 50's life has largely grown around the drug trade--he started dealing crack at age twelve, and was first arrested for it in tenth grade. A few years back Eminem talked about how he almost died from a methadone overdose, and Rick Ross got his stage name from one of the biggest drug traffickers in the country (and was sued by him for it).

The trailer flits between feeling like a slick update of Reefer Madness to a how-to on dealing, and I wonder how that's going to be handled in the full-length version. I'm even more interested to see how Rick Ross' interview goes, because every time I've ever seen him speak he has sounded like an extremely high, sort of coherent lunatic.