50 Cent Compares Jay-Z to Ghandi

January 27, 2009 By:
50 Cent Compares Jay-Z to Ghandi

50 Cent really looks up to fellow hip-hop artist Jay-Z, and even compares his demeanor to spiritual Indian leader Ghandi. That is quite the comparison. So why Ghandi? Well, 50 claims that Jay-Z has the ability not to react to his critics, which is what the famous civil right leader was known for as well.

And 50 says he couldn’t be more of the opposite, because he can’t stand by just listening to people disrespect him. He and Kanye both!!!

50 tells XXL Magazine, "Jay-Z is Gandhi... He'll bear the disrespect for what? For working to be in a great position. So for creating the comfort that he desires for his life, he has to bear the disrespect.”

"Because they'd like to be where he is. That's an interesting concept because Jay [would] rather just let 'em go.”

"My take on it is, yeah, I'm gonna say something back, and he gonna wish he never said what he said. He gonna wish he never came around here sniffing around me."

If famous people paid attention every time someone said something negative about them, they’d drive themselves crazy! Which brings us back to Kanye West… Why does he get so worked up about people’s comments? It just makes him look silly to sit there are fire off blogs every other day to defend himself. Maybe he could take some notes from Jay-Z and “go on brush his shoulders off.”