50 Cent Goes to Africa to Feed 1 Million Kids

February 10, 2012 By:
50 Cent Goes to Africa to Feed 1 Million Kids

He may boast about being shot 9 times, or rap about his “magic stick” but 50 Cent has got a big heart.

The rap mogul started his charity Street Kings with the promise that he would feed 1 billion kids in Africa through the sales of his Street Kings energy drink. 50 Cent has come very close to reaching that goal, heading out to Africa with ABC News reporter Dan Harris to hand out meals to very deserving and starving Kenyan children.

50 handed out a million meals at a refugee camp in Somalia and also to children in Kenya. 50 Cent tweeted photos of himself and the kids and wrote to his twitter followers, “I’m in Somalia this week to show the world the devastation that is taking place. Children going hungry everyday, even dying everyday from hunger. I am going to keep sending thru images from out here. I need you to take these photos and re-post to your friends. The world needs to see what is going on.”

According to news reporter Harris, the usually cocky and confidant rapper “at times today…was left speechless,” tweeted Harris.

In another photo, Fiddy was dancing with some kids and Dan Harris tweets a picture and writes, “Better than ‘In Da Club,’ @50Cent dances w Kenya kids.”

When 50 Cent announced his Street Kings initiative, he wrote, “I want to impact people’s lives more. I created a new goal for myself, I want to feed a billion people in Africa over the next 5 years.”

His website also boasts that buying one shot of Street Kings energy drink will provide one meal for a hungry child in Africa.

50 Cent: A thug with a heart of gold.