50 Cent Reacts to Conrad Murray Verdict

November 9, 2011 By:
50 Cent Reacts to Conrad Murray Verdict

Just a few days ago, Conrad Murray was found guilty in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.. Jackson’s family has spoke out about the verdict and seems to be overjoyed that they can finally put this trial behind them.

But what do other music artists think?

50 Cent told Hollyscoop at the 'Immortals' Los Angeles movie premiere, “I think justice was served. I think it’s exciting to see it worked, the system [worked].”

The two worked together on the song “Monster” which was released posthumously last December.

50 told rap-up, “I think justice was served in that situation. I understand the process of when an artist becomes really, really successful, and Michael Jackson was probably the epitome of that lifestyle. I can see people following the regimen of doing what Mike says to do, but they should still follow medical standards and practices.”

In other 50 cent news, fans will know that 50 and Rick Ross have had a kind of “beef” with one another ever since fity allegedly looked at Rick Ross the wrong way on the red carpet at the 2009 BET Awards.

However, 50 wants to clear the air, he says their no beef between the rappers, but rather a “battle.” Just a typical, career-promoting, artistic rap battle.

In October, Ross suffered two separate seizures and even though the two rappers supposedly have a feud, 50 tweeted at Ross, “Yeah he gotta take care of his self” and also, “I don’t wish DEATH on him my grand father had a seizure.”

When MTV talked to 50 at a recent book signing for his new anti-bulling book, “Playground,” Fif added, “You shouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

If 50 cent is writing books to promote anti-bullying, he better not have a beef with anyone, that wouldn’t really support the brand.

Fifty believes that the “beef” between the two rappers was created when Rick Ross wanted to make a name for himself by creating a fake feud.

“That just means he wanted to compete, he wanted to move up, he wanted to create an awareness for himself, and he did it,” says 50.