Is 50 Cent's New Album as Questionable as His First Pitch?

June 6, 2014 By:
Is 50 Cent's New Album as Questionable as His First Pitch?

Earlier this week 50 Cent made his questionable comeback to the rap game after a five-year hiatus, releasing of his fifth studio album, Animal Ambition. Fitty has been on a self-promotional roll, which has included reuniting with his G-Unit crew at Summer Jam and throwing a really awful ceremonial first pitch at the Mets game.


It seems like all the promotion in the world can't help 50. Animal Ambition's first-week sales are projected to be only 35k. Compare that to his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin', which sold 872k in the first week. His sophomore album, The Massacre, sold over one million copies in its first week.


After listening to Animal Ambition, it's clear the main reason for the low album sales is the music itself. It's weak, it's soft, it's wack. 50 just doesn't have that same passion in his voice that he projected in The Game's "Hate It or Love It" and his own "In Da Club." The new album is a mixture of wannabe club hits with mediocre verses and cheesy hooks. 

Not even a Dr. Dre feature can save this one. Maybe you should stick to Vitamin Water, 50.