What's 50 Cent Up To?

November 12, 2007 By:
What's 50 Cent Up To?

50 Cent gave an exclusive interview to Blender Magazine
. During the interview he talked about work, money and Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Blender: As part owner of Vitamin Water, what's the first thing you did when you found out about the company's $4.1 billion deal with Coke??
50 Cent: To be honest, I was on my way home when they called me. I was excited after it set in. But I've already made relationships with people who have so much more than I have. I feel like they're thinking, That was cute. Now you have to really get busy.

B: Who are these people??
50 Cent: Outside of the country I've got friends that have way more money than friends in the U.S. You wouldn't recognize 'em. Some are oil men.

B: Did you buy anything with the money you made from the deal??
50 Cent: Nothing. I already have all those things.

B: So it's just something to rap about, basically??
50 Cent: It wasn't even very much to rap about. And I got a nondisclosure agreement, so I couldn't really talk about how much I made.

B: Can we ask you a quick favor? We're big fans of the pink Vitamin Water flavor ...?
50 Cent: [Laughs] He said the pink flavor!

B: Right. Anyway, we really like that one, but the color isn't tremendously, um, manly. So we were wondering if you could somehow ...?
50 Cent:... Have them change the color?! You crazy. It's just juice, man. Pink juice ain't nothin'. So you want it to be blue?

B: We figured if we were ever going to talk to someone that could change it, you're the guy. ?
50 Cent: [Laughs.]

B: Is that a "no"?
50 Cent: Yeah, that's a no.

B: It was worth a shot. Who are some guests on the new album??
50 Cent: Robin Thicke, Mary J. Blige, Akon, Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls ... They should've changed her name. Her name is Schizinger or some shit, right? That's a fucked-up name.

B: What would you change it to??
50 Cent: I'd give her like a stripper name. Maybe "Pleasure" or some shit. "Nicole Natalie."

B: Did you tell her??
50 Cent: Nah. I'll tell her the next time I see her: "Goddamn it you've got to change that name."

B: We wanted to ask you about your BET Awards performance of "Amusement Park," where you almost fell off one of the stage props and didn't start the first verse of the song for a good minute. When we first saw it we thought, Wow, this is great. This guy doesn't give a fuck.
50 Cent: Like, I'm doing what I wanna do.

B: Right, but then we were disappointed that you apologized for it the next day. ?
50 Cent: Even if I just wanna not rap because I don't feel like it and say, "What the fuck is up?" I gotta maintain my relationships. So if I start acting out and going crazy, there's nobody to cover things up. Creatively, if I was having a meltdown, I would have to call and apologize.

B: Was BET pissed off?

?50 Cent: The following day I went back on TV to talk about almost falling off the damn thing. If I fell off from 35 feet, what's BET gonna do for me? You see what I'm saying.

B: At the end of the BET performance, you almost seemed fed up with rap, like it's too much work. Would you ever consider concentrating on acting and business and leaving rap behind all together?
50 Cent: Even if I say yes to that right now, it would be based on how I feel for the moment, and later I would be interested in rapping again. There's nothing like walking into a studio and saying whatever comes to your mind and then it turns into something that people enjoy worldwide — watching your music break language barriers. On other projects there are so many other people involved to make it great. In film, you have writers and directors and people shooting it, and it turns into something you're proud of. In music, if you have the right beat and walk in there and say the right things, you make a great hit on your own.