98 Degrees Reunite After a Decade on Today Show

August 17, 2012 By:
98 Degrees Reunite After a Decade on Today Show

Here’s something to make you feel old: 98 Degrees has just performed again in the first time in a decade. The less popular N*SYNC/Backstreet Boys contemporaries sang four songs on The Today Show this morning, and cracked old man jokes about how much pain their joints were in after the previous night’s rehearsal.

Drew Lachey will also be a cast member on the new all-stars season of Dancing With The Stars this year, but he still hopes for a bigger 98 Degrees comeback in the future: "I would just love to be out on tour again and perform in front of crowds every night.” That’s okay, Drew. The girls have moved on, and you guys just don’t seem up to taking on those spry young elves of One Direction.

98 Degrees’ Today Show appearance came in advance of their show at the first ever Mixtape Festival (happening today, August 17th and tomorrow, August 18th) in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which features other artists you’ve definitely forgotten about like New Kids On The Block, LL Cool J and Carolina Liar. DJ Pauly D will also be there, if you have anything you would like to throw at him in rage at the news that he’s officially the world’s highest-paid DJ.

In case you’ve forgotten, 98 Degrees gave the world such saccharine hits as “I Cherish You,” and “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).” Like most people, I would be totally alright with never, ever hearing those songs again, but if you feel differently, you’d better get yourself over to Pennsylvania quick!

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