Vanessa Lachey Says There is No 98 Degrees Reunion Tour

April 13, 2012 By:
Vanessa Lachey Says There is No 98 Degrees Reunion Tour

It was recently reported that the men formerly known as 98 Degrees would set out on a reunion tour later this summer. However, 98 Degree’s frontman Nick Lachey’s wife Vanessa Lachey says the rumor is false!

“Actually, I don’t know where that [rumor] started,” Vanessa tells Stereotude at the "Take A Load Off" Laundry Lounge in Los Angeles, “They broke up, they went their separate ways ten years ago…if you think about it, where would you have gone to get the tickets? There’s no dates, there’s nothing.”

She says nothing is off the table for sure, but says nothing has been set in stone either.

“Nick still talks to all the guys,” says Vanessa, “I mean, we see them all the time and they’ve always talked about it. The opportunity is there, I know that they’ve been talking, but I know that nothing is set yet. They love to sing, so why not? But there’s nothing confirmed yet.”

Vanessa admits that during 98 Degrees heyday, she was actually an *NSYNC fan. Shhh, don’t tell Nick!

“You had to pick your boy band, it was either 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, or NSYNC. I gravitated to NSYNC, so I missed the whole 98 Degrees boat,” admits Vanessa.

However, she says that at least her husband knows she didn’t marry him because she’s a former 98 Degrees groupie.

“I told Nick, ‘At least you know I love you for you!’ I wasn’t a huge groupie,” says Vanessa.

However, the question on everyone’s mind…if 98 Degrees does reunite, will Nick Lachey strip his shirt off?

“I’ll have to get that worked into choreography,” says Vanessa, “If they come back and do a tour, I’ll make sure he takes his shirt off.”