Adam Lambert: "Better Than I Know Myself" Music Video

February 3, 2012 By:
Adam Lambert:

Finally, Adam Lambert has released some new music and a new music video. Glambert has released the music video for “Better Than I Know Myself” off his upcoming album, “Trespassing.”

Here’s a play-by-play (sports analogy in honor of the Super Bowl, obvi) for the video: Adam Lambert plays two characters: a dominatrix style goth kid in platform heels and guyliner (so, himself) and a cardigan wearing stay-at-home yogi type who drinks tea and journals (what? Who is THIS guy, get him out!)

So the two dueling Lambert’s stare each other down and scary eyeliner Lambert squeezes a pomegranate until it dies, but it’s way scarier than I’m making it sound.

Oh and then make-up wearing Lambert sets the apartment on fire, which causes nice make-up free Lambert to suffocate, until crazy Lambert punches a hole through the apartment, thus restoring oxygen levels and allowing the friendly Lambert to breathe again.

Then, the two Lambert characters are gone and one lone Adam Lambert walks down the street in minimal levels of make-up, a leather jacket that is trendy but still edgy and some funky boots that are scary but also fashionable, which I think is supposed to say “best of both worlds,” either that or freaky Lambert ate boy-next-door Lambert.

While this video is more “It Takes Two” than anything else, Lambert says the song is about relationships, “The song is basically saying, ‘I’m kind of a screw up, I do stupid things and continue to put my foot in my mouth, but be patient with me because I need you around – you’re the only person that gets me.’”

In related Lambert news, after Adam Lamberts amazing performance with Queen guitarist Brian May at the MTV EMA’s, he’s been asked to play a string of dates with the original members of Queen to fill in as lead singer.