Adam Lambert: It's Hard Being a Gay Male Pop Star

April 25, 2012 By:
Adam Lambert: It's Hard Being a Gay Male Pop Star

Adam Lambert covers the May issue of Instinct magazine and says it’s really hard being a gay male pop star.

It’s not that he’s fighting for the top spot with all the other gay male popstars, because he’s really only got competition from Clay Aiken, Lance Bass and maybe a couple members of One Direction, but Lambert says that gay men are reluctant to embrace him.

“There’s something weird there. We’re very eager to celebrate a strong female. But to celebrate a fellow gay man – it gets catty sometimes,” Lambert reveals to the mag.

“As a community, we’re a little bit resistant to a gay male pop star ourselves,” says Lambert, “It’s very easy for people to look at my origin, which is American Idol, and automatically assume that I’m a commercial sellout or a puppet or a flash in the pan. I don’t think I’m any of those things. There’s something weird there.”

Adam’s got a new album coming out on May 15, Trespassing, and says the sound is very signature “Adam.”

“This is the kind of music I listen to,” says Lambert, “I know the style of vocal I have is kind of big. It has a certain edge to it. I’ve always loved rock, but I also love stuff that is more groove-based, more funky, more soulful, more dance music.”

Adam may seem like this rocker dude that doesn’t play by the rules, but Adam recently revealed that it’s all just a mask.

“I’m not always as strong and confident as I may seem,” he says, “I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgment and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry. I’m hard on myself and critical.”