Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera Call Each Other Out on "The Voice"

September 26, 2012 By:
Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera Call Each Other Out on

As the singers on The Voice continue to battle it out on stage, so are the judges.

Now three weeks into the blind auditions, Adam, Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake’s teams are quickly filling up and none of them are mincing words at this stage.

“You asshole!” Blake shouts at Adam, when the Maroon 5 frontman also presses his button for contestant Charlie Rey, a Long Beach, California native with a smoky voice. His rendition of “Home” by Michael Buble swept both judges away, but Charlie ultimately went with Blake.

The standout performer of the night was Cassadee Pope, formerly the lead singer of Hey Monday, which toured with Fall Out Boy. Now pursuing a solo career, Cassadee gave her version of Natalie Imbruliga’s “Torn” which impressed all four judges, who pushed their buttons for her. Christina said she had “something a little country…something very pop-driven…something that was a little rock.” Explaining her choice she added, “You can kind of do it all.”

Once their chairs spun around, the judges got to see Cassadee in her element as she comfortably navigating each verse, chorus, and note. Everyone could see she was a total natural and it had Adam and X-tina arguing over who technically pushed their button first as they fought over the 22-year-old.

“I was the first,” Christina quickly pointed out to Cassadee, the crowds, and of course, the other judges in the room.

“I was actually the first,” Adam countered.

“No, you were second,” Christina fought back.

“Oh, I’m the only other one who’s in a band here,” Adam tried again to convince the former lead singer, now newly solo.

“I know how to make a solo career happen,” Christina specified, to which Adam tried again to get an edge in with, “But I can do both.”

At the end of the battle royale, Cassadee went a little bit country, choosing to be on Blake’s team. Feeling like the real winner, Blake then pointed at Adam, Cee Lo, and Christina and laughed in their faces.

Other contestants who went through last night were Sylvia Yocoub and Amanda Brown. Up until this round, the judge’s teams stood uneven, but now the playing field is leveled—all four has 14 singers to his or her name with only two more spaces left for each.