Adam Levine Cussing to be a Problem on The Voice

March 26, 2012 By:
Adam Levine Cussing to be a Problem on The Voice

Adam Levine may have the moves like Jagger, but he talks like a sailor.

Adam Levine’s fowl language is becoming such a problem on The Voice, that if he doesn’t stop cussing live on air the show will get fined. F-ck!

“I have a dirty mouth,” says Levine, “I curse a lot and I want to try to contain that a little bit.”

So in order to curb his cussing habit, he plans to give $100 to charity every time he says a curse word. $100? That’s like pennies to a celebrity. That’s like the money you find in the pocket of your jeans after you take it out of the dryer. Oh, $100 in the pocket of these jeans that I didn’t know I lost? That’s F-cking cool. Awww sh-t, put it in the swear jar.

“I’ll have a little curse jar next to me. Every time we say a bad word, $100 goes to charity. It will help us, it really will. Because we’ll end up giving a lot!” says Levine.

After sparking rumors that Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are involved in a “bromance” the country crooner says he’s a fan of the $100 no-cussing rule.

“I like that. I’m agreeing to it,” says Shelton, “I will sign up!”

Sign up for what? For cussing alongside him? Ughh, celebrities, what are you even talking about sometimes.
Not only does Levine have a dirty mouth, but Shelton says it’s not Levine’s cussing that’s a problem.

“My favorite thing about Adam is how he talks bad about people behind their backs,” says Shelton. Okay, he’s joking (obviously? We hope?).