3 Clues Adele Is Set to Make an Oscars Comeback

January 8, 2013 By:
3 Clues Adele Is Set to Make an Oscars Comeback


Adele has been off the radar lately. To the dismay of fans worldwide, the British singer-songwriter is taking a notable break from recording material for a new album, wanting instead to focus on her brand new baby boy and boyfriend.

Then again, to the joy of those same fans, she did step back into the booth to lay down the theme to Skyfall, the new James Bond film.

Then back into her married sanctuary the recluse went.

But not so fast.

Now it’s being reported that Adele will be making her first public performance at this year’s Academy Awards telecast on February 24th. Ace Showbiz is making the claim, however with all the circumstances surrounding it, this rumor holds a lot of weight.

1. “Skyfall” is guaranteed to if not win, at least secure an Oscar nomination in the Best Original Song category at the 85th Oscars for both Adele and her songwriting partner Paul Epworth.

2. The awards show is also routinely pressured to boost its generally slipping ratings year after year, and an Adele performance is sure to provide some kind of buzz and excitement to the proceedings. I can already see the commercials teasing it.

3. This year marks the 50th anniversary to the James Bond franchise, so we can already expect some kind of tribute section. Adele’s “Skyfall,” which just sounds like cinema playing out before your ears, of course, perfectly fits into this whole situation. The stars are basically aligning here, people.

While Adele hasn’t exactly been hitting up the performing circuit like other pop stars, Adele never really needed crazy antics or red carpets to stay relevant. Her talent is enough, a telling fact that proved itself last year when her album “21,” which was released in 2011, still managed to be the Best 

Selling Album of 2012, for a second year in a row—the first time this has ever happened in Neilsen SoundScan’s 21 year history.