Adele Beats Out Lady Gaga As Top Gay Icon

April 24, 2012 By:
Adele Beats Out Lady Gaga As Top Gay Icon

Up until now Lady Gaga was widely regarded as THE Gay icon in the music industry. There’s a strong argument for Cher and Madonna, but Gaga was kind of leading the pack when it came to caring about gay stuff.

However, in a new poll conducted by a gay radio station, Gaydar (Yes, that’s actually the radio stations name) polled 4,000 listeners and Adele was named Pop Artist of the Year.

Adele nabbed 55% of the vote while Gaga only brought in 10% of the vote. So what changed? Why is Gaga no longer the favorite amongst Gaydar listeners?

Adele doesn’t really “do” anything for gay causes, while Gaga is knocking on the doors of Congress and trying to make Bullying a hate crime after so many young gay teens have committed suicide as a result of bullying.

Could it be that we’re all just over Lady Gaga? Rihanna stole Gaga’s facebook thunder when she nabbed more “likes” on her facebook page. Now Adele is the new gay icon?

Adele is clearly on a roll, but Gaga better get it together and quick. Once she looses her gay following what is left? Some teenage girls and maybe the cast of “Glee”?