Adele to Collaborate with George Michael?

March 1, 2012 By:

George Michael aka That Guy From Wham wants to collaborate with Adele.

Alright buddy, we know everyone wants to work with Adele, so what makes you so special?

Well, a source tells the Daily Mirror that ever since Michael presented Adele with Best Album at the Brit awards, the two have begun talks about collaborating together.

“They’ve become pals since then and are talking about doing something together,” says the source, “He is very supportive of British talent and he likes that Adele keeps it real.”

Adele is in HOT demand. I mean, she could turn down Lady Gaga if she wants to, so I dunno if this George Michael character even stands a chance…also, it’s been brought to my attention that he’s pretty famous and has worked with Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige. Ok, so he’s legit.

“Adele has been an admirer of George’s tunes for as long as she can remember and was so touched that George presented her Brit award,” says the source.

Is Adele aware that Michael once wrote and performed a song called “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go?” Yeah, Go-Go.

Also, George battled a near-fatal bit of pneumonia at the end of 2011 but now that he’s back to health he wants to crank out a new album ASAP.

“George is working on his album for the first time since his life-threatening illness and he’s in great shape. It is no secret he adores Adele.”