Adele Goes Into Surgery Today--Uses Steven Tyler's Surgeon

November 8, 2011 By:
Adele Goes Into Surgery Today--Uses Steven Tyler's Surgeon

After reports that Adele cancelled shows and is about to undergo possibly voice-saving surgery on her throat, the UK songstress has come to the US for surgery today.

Adele will go into surgery in the US at the Massachusetts General Hospital where she is to undergo vocal chord microsurgery to stop recurrent bleeding from a benign polyp. Ok, in non-doctor speak. Adele needs this surgery to make sure that she can sing again and if Adele can’t sing anymore, what are you going to listen to when your boyfriend breaks up with you? Exactly.

Adele’s condition is usually the result of blood vessels in the vocal cords rupturing.

Adele came to the US for the surgery, because she wanted to be in the care of Dt. Steven Zeitels who has done surgery on famous patients like Steven Tyler, Julie Andrews, Cher and Roger Daltrey of The Who.

Actually, Adele will be having the same surgery as Steven Tyler once had himself and look how well he turned out – Steven Tyler now acts just like a cat sprung in the throes of cat heat, wearing a wig, and singing like a raspy grandma who likes karoke. All kidding aside, Steven Tyler can still sang and Adele is in very capable hands.

The hospital said in a statement, “Based on the advice of her doctor and voice therapist in the United Kingdom, Adele came to Boston to consult and undergo corrective voice surgery with Dr. Zeitels.”

Dr. Zietels is the head of the Hospital’s “Voice Center” and obviously has worked with many famous singers before.

“Dr. Zeitels has pioneered many vocal cord surgical procedures including the use of specialized laser to stop vocal cord bleeding in singers. He has performed this unique procedure for many vocalists including Steven Tyler, allowing him to return to full performance.”

Because her condition caused her to loose her voice a few weeks back and has had an ongoing problem for months, she had to cancel all tour dates for the rest of 2011.

Adele announced on her blog, “If I continue to pick up everything before I have properly conquered these problems and nipped them in the bud, I will be totally and utterly f-cked. Singing is literally my life, it’s my hobby, my love, my freedom and now my job.”

Before the surgery, a friend told Closer magazine that she was refusing to answer the phone to save her voice and even turns off the TV or radio if one of her songs comes on.

“If one of her songs comes on the radio or TV, she switched it off because she can’t bear hearing her voice, knowing she might lose it,” says the source.

I have a freezer full of Ben and Jerry’s and I need the follow up to “Someone Like You!” Best wishes for a speedy recovery, because without Adele, how are 20-something chicks going to know how to feel sorry for themselves?