Adele to Perform at the Olympics?

February 24, 2012 By:
Adele to Perform at the Olympics?

Adele is in talks to perform at the London Olympics this summer, possibly as one of the acts in the closing ceremony.

Adele cannot be stopped, after winning six Grammys, selling 2 million copies of her album on iTunes in one year, and staying in the Billboard Hot 200 #1 spot for what feels like ages, Adele is taking the next logical step…The Olympics!

However, it’s only “in talks” at this point according to music director David Arnold, “Without saying we have booked anyone, it goes from Elgar to Adele. It is not just a pop concert, it is not just a classical rendition. It will be everything that we think is fabulous about British music.”

All the acts will be UK performers, so sorry Rihanna, you can’t force your way into this show, I know how much you like wreaking havoc across the pond.

It’s also being rumored that the London Symphony Orchestra will provide musical backing to the performers. Adele with a symphony? Dayummmmm.

Other acts that were rumored to be joining the closing show included Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and the Spice Girls but the Spice Girls have repeatedly denied being a part of the Olympics.

Also, none of the performers get paid for their performances. Well, they get 1 British pound to make the contract binding, but basically, it’s such an honor to perform that the performers are happy to do it for nearly free.

“The performers are just happy to be asked to perform at the closing ceremony. Plus, we just didn’t have the budget to pay them,” says costume costumer Es Devlin.