Adele's Diva Tour Demands Revealed

December 7, 2011 By:
Adele's Diva Tour Demands Revealed

Adele is way more of a diva than we thought. The 23-year-old songstress who captured the hearts of millions has a laundry list of ridiculous things she demands backstage at all her shows.

Adele had to cancel all tour dates for 2011 because of surgery due to a vocal chord hemorrhage, however, a copy of her tour demands for the the tour that would-have-been has surfaced and Adele requires some random and highly specific stuff.

The list details that at every show she must have two bottle of the "very best quality red wine" - I'm guessing Trader Joes two-buck chuck is a no-go?

She also needs, at every show, 12 bottles of the "best quality European lager beer i.e. Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni." But the best part is that she wrote in "North American beer is NOT acceptable." Damnit, there goes that case of Milwaukee's Best I wanted to send her backstage.

Aside from her fancy tastes in alcohol, and proving that she's a lowkey alcoholic (12 beers for one person? I hope not) she asked for an assortment of chewing gum and her tour bus must be fully stocked with "bite-sized chocolate bars, including Twix, Aero, Milky Way, Mars, organix muesli and six cereal bars."

I love that she listed all this unhealthy chocolate stuff and then as an afterthought added in "six cereal bars."

She also must have a pack of Marlboro Lights and a disposable lighter and because Adele needs to take care of her vocal chords after smoking and drinking all night, she requests 2 "'squeezy' bottles of clear honey (not organic)." Yes, the "squeezy" kind, not to be confused with the "pouring" kind.

She also requests that she always have a small place of "freshly made, individually wrapped sandwiches which must NOT contain tomatoes, vinegar, chilli or citrus fruit." That sounds like an easy demand to meet, because none of those things would ever taste good together.

She has another diva demand that is at least charitable. For every person that comes to her shows, they must also donate $20 to a charity named SANDS (Stillborn and Neonatal Death Charity) which "supports anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies' lives."

"All guests at all Adele shows will be asked for a minimum donation to charity of $20 per person, in cash, when they collect their tickets. There will be no exception to this rule," says the same document that lists her backstage demands.

Even guests who get into the show for free (i.e. groupies) have to pay the $20 charity donation.

"We will also expect that all guests of the Promoter and/or Venue to also make the same donation when collecting their tickets."