Adele's New Album Influenced by Drunk Diary Entries

February 28, 2012 By:
Adele's New Album Influenced by Drunk Diary Entries

Adele says her album “21” was written from diary entries penned while intoxicated.

Who hasn’t thrown back a couple classes of red wine and drunkenly written in their diary? This is a totally normal thing to do, the most normal in fact, just as normal as drunk dialing.

Anyways, Adele says her break-up forced her to start drinking again (gasp) and writing down her sob stories in a journal.

“I started drinking again,” says Adele, “I’d been off it for six months but once I started I’d get drunk and end up admitting things to myself in my diary.”

Dear Diary, after 6 months I’ve realized that Baileys Irish cream is a very disgusting drink. Also, rumor has it that my ex boyfriend has met a new girl! Waahhhhh.

“Later, when I was sober, I’d read through it all. The songs, the emotions, were all in there,” says Adele.

Well, thank goodness for drunk diary, or the world might never have heard “21.”

Even though “21” was the #1 album, and sold more copies than God, and all it’s other accolades, Adele admits that she still hasn’t “found her sound.”

“The funny thing is, I still don’t know what my sound it. I mean, it’s only my second album,” she admits.

“I want my defining album to be, like, my fifth. I mean that. There’s still a lot I want to do.”

You know what this means….more drunk diaries! And drunk dialings! And drunk texting! Keep drinking! I mean, writing!