Adele's Producer: She's a Low Key Comedienne

February 13, 2012 By:
Adele's Producer: She's a Low Key Comedienne

Adele says people are “surprised” when they meet her and find out she’s not some bitter man hater, like for example Kelly Clarkson, or whatever.

Although Adele’s break-up inspired all the tracks on her “21” album, she has vowed “never to write a break-up record again.”

She’s apparently so in love now with her new guy Simon Konecki that when Anderson Cooper asked her in a new 60 minutes interview, “Have you met someone else?” she replied, “Yeah. Who is much better than him. In fact, next time I sing “Someone Like You,” I’m gonna be like, “Never mind, I found someone like you. Please forget me.”

Adele’s producer Paul Epworth, who took home a Grammy for producing Adele’s hit, “Rolling In The Deep,” told Stereotude at the ASCAP Presented the 3rd Annual Grammy Brunch Sponsored by PEPSI that people would be surprised to find out that Adele is actually a low-key comedienne.

“She’s really, really, really truly funny…she can hold court in a room…she’s the type of person that if you paid to go see her live and she didn’t play any songs you’d still be happy,” says Paul Epworth.

Uhh not true at all. If I went to an Adele concert and she did no singing at all, I would be very upset. I don’t care how funny she is, give me my money back, I need to get over a break-up and the only prescription is more ADELE.

Epworth added that he was surprised by all her success. "You can tell when something is going to effect people...whether it's got the kind of emotion that comes from a place where you want to get your life and move on and the song is about that type of emotional feeling have the potential to motivate people to go and buy the record, so much that they found somebody who shares that feeling and that for me was the only way I could tell that the record had the potential to be a success, or else it's really hard to judge your own work"