Top 10 Best Selling Albums of 2011

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Top 10 Best Selling Albums of 2011

According to, the 10 Top-Selling albums across all genres are a wide variety of albums. From rap, to country, to 50-year-old Britain's Got Talent winners, the 10 best selling albums of 2011 are a random bunch.

No surprise that Adele is the best selling album of 2011, she's been sitting in that #1 spot off and on since the album debuted almost a year ago and she deserves it.

No one can say she can't sing, she doesn't wear obnoxious rhinestone leotards, and she was forced to cancel almost all her concerts this year to have throat surgery and still sold more albums that anyone else. Oh also, is it super bad that I want her to enter more failed relationships because I so desperately want her to write more music?

Taylor Swift sold the second highest number of albums, because 15-year-old T-Swift fans have crazy buying power. I think Taylor Swift's success is attributed to the fact that her fan base is too young to illegally download music and still actually buys CD's, like the physical kind, inside of wrappers, that you get at Best Buy and Wal Mart. Weird.

Lady Gaga's born this way made the #3 spot after selling 1.1 million copies in it's first week! No surprise here.

Country crooner Jason Aldean is the only country artist to make the Top 10, well aside from Taylor Swift, but she's hardly country anymore.

Former Britain's Got Talent winner Susan Boyle had the 5th highest selling album this year, you know the 50-year-old lady with the bizarre haircut that sang a song from Les Miserable and it was really good.

Lil Wayne's album "Tha Carter IV" made the list, which is also not a surprise at all. He's cranked out so many of those "Tha Carter" albums, I can't keep up.

Nicki Minaj, who is kind of Lil Wayne's protégé followed up right behind him with album sales on her "Pink Friday" album and deservedly so, as it was her debut album.

As the only rock-ish band on the list, folk band Mumford and Sons placed #8 and I can't believe they sold that many albums because so many people have still never heard of them.

Rihanna placed #9 for her "Loud" album, but to be completely honest, I can't remember which album is "Good Girl Gone Bad" and which one is "Loud." Oh and then she just debuted "Talk That Talk" in November, so honestly why doesn't Rihanna just win all the awards for releasing a confusingly high number of albums.

Capping off the 10 spot is Katy Perry with her "Teenage Dream" album, which also boasts six number 1 singles from the same album.

10 Best Selling albums of 2011

1) Adele "21"

2) Taylor Swift "Speak Now"

3) Lady Gaga "Born This Way"

4) Jason Aldean "My Kinda Party"

5) Susan Boyle "The Gift"

6) Lil Wayne "Tha Carter IV"

7) Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday"

8) Mumford & Sons "Sigh No More"

9) Rihanna "Loud"

10) Katy Perry "Teenage Dream"