Will Adele Announce a 2012 Tour?

February 29, 2012 By:
Will Adele Announce a 2012 Tour?

After Adele’s smash performance at the Grammys, everyone wants to know when she’s going to go on a tour again!?

Late in 2011, Adele cancelled her arena tour due to a vocal injury and surgery and then kind of laid low until her Grammy performance in February. But now, her doctors have claimed that she’s in perfectly good health and could embark on a world tour if she wanted to.

I mean, Adele really owes it to us. Her fans.

“From everything I see thus far, she has a choice of what to do,” her doctor tells Rolling Stone, “Her vocal cords aren’t going to get in the way.”

However, her manager Jonathan Dickins says she might not be ready to tour just yet. Referring to her amazing Grammy performance, he says, “That’s one song, performed for three minutes 40 seconds, once. It’s not an hour and a half, four times a week. It’s a big difference. We still have to be mindful of nursing back to full fitness.”

Blah blah blah, put her in a black dress, get that hair into curlers and throw her onto a stage. The world needs more Adele!

However, her manager does say she might miss the stage.

“She’s loved the touring she’s done in the past,” says Dickins, “At the same time, we want to make sure we can get through it properly.”

As for Adele’s success, no-one will truly now. Well okay, we do know.

“The reason she’s good is she only does what moves her. Which I think endures whatever she chooses to do next will be really, really good,” says Rick Rubin, who produced five songs on 21.