Aerosmith Announces Collaborating With Johnny Depp on New Album

July 31, 2012 By:
Aerosmith Announces Collaborating With Johnny Depp on New Album

It’s been 8 years since Aerosmith released a new album, but their newest album Music From Another Dimension!, delayed 27 times and now promised on November 6, already has guest artists more in the number of a Drake album than an Aerosmith one.

Carrie Underwood has been confirmed as singing on a track, and it’s just been announced that Julian Lennon, son of the late John Lennon, and Johnny Depp will also be contributing to the album.

Lennon will be contributing vocals to “Love Three Times A Day,” and Depp will be singing backup on a political track called “Freedom Fighter” that may or may not make it on to the regular release of the record, according to guitarist Joe Perry.

Depp has long demonstrated his musical prowess—he performed with The Black Keys at the MTV Movie Awards in June, played guitar and drums for Marilyn Manson’s cover of “You’re So Vain”, and played for the soundtracks of his movies Chocolat and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Hopefully the album does better than 2004s Honkin’ On The Bobo, which only went gold—a paltry showing compared to Toys In The Attic’s octuple platinum. Aerosmith is currently on their 27th ever tour and their 42nd year as a band.