Aerosmith Back For First Show Since Tyler Left American Idol

July 30, 2012 By:

With the vacating of his American Idol judgin’ pants, Steven Tyler was able to put on his only-slightly-tighter rockin’ pants again, most recently at the American Airlines center in Dallas for Aerosmith’s first official show since he left his first and hopefully only reality show judging gig.

Tyler described American Idol as his “new drug”, which is strange and a teensy bit worrying considering the bulk and variety of drugs the man has done in his 63 years. He explained this a bit foggily, alluding to the facts that it was a “risky” thing for him to do and that it really, really pissed off the rest of Aerosmith when he did it (he’s made a habit of that in their almost 42 years together).

But despite the rest of the band looking for a new singer, they’re all back together and on the road again, for their 27th tour since they started in 1970. For their show last Saturday, which is part of their Global Warming Tour, Cheap Trick opened and Aerosmith played mostly from their massive repertoire of albums from the last four decades.

Their upcoming album, “Music From Another Dimension!” is set to be released November 6, and will be their first since 2004’s questionably named “Honkin’ on Bobo.”

And though Joe Perry looks to be aging fairly gracefully, Tyler is looking more and more like one of the puppets from the Dark Crystal every time I see him.