Akon Boasts K-Pop Phenomenon is Here to Stay with Wonder Girls

September 27, 2012 By:
Akon Boasts K-Pop Phenomenon is Here to Stay with Wonder Girls

Even with all of Psy’s fantastic success, the jury is still out on K-pop’s longevity on America radio airwaves.

When Stereotude hit up Akon on the carpet for Esquire’s players event, he weighed in on the genre and doesn’t believe its rise to the top of the iTunes charts to be a one-time fluke.

“I think it’s amazing, and we’re definitely working to take it to a whole other level here bringing it to the states,” the “Locked Up” singer says. “We’ll see where we’re going to go.”

When Akon says “we” he’s referring to the K-pop super group the Wonder Girls, who he collaborated with on the song “Like Money.”

It has similar money and fame themes to the now can’t escape tune “Gangham Style,” except without any of the satire. Instead we get the girls earnestly belting out lyrics like, “Love me like money,” “Love me like cars,” and “Hold me like diamonds.”

“First of all I didn’t know they were that dope,” Akon admits of the K-pop stars, who are relatively unknown in America. “They sounded better than a lot of the girl groups here.”

The Senegalese American musician is something of an expert on genre crossover success. Throughout his career he’s been able to mix his R&B and hip hop style with pop artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Gwen Stefani, in addition to producing hits for Lady Gaga and Leona Lewis.