Akon Recording Official 2010 World Cup Song

May 13, 2009 By:
Akon Recording Official 2010 World Cup Song

When you think of professional soccer, you probably don’t think of Akon. But he’s in talks right now to record the official song of the biggest international soccer competition of the year.

The organizers of the 2010 World Cup are negotiating with the hip-hop artist to create a song to go along with the event. These kinds of collaborations are becoming more and more popular, and musicians are being asked to lend their songs to events like the NBA Playoffs, and the World Series.

Akon told The London Paper this week, “I’m going to South Africa for a meeting about the 2010 World Cup. I’m the official music coordinator. It means I’ll produce the official World Cup song and I’ll oversee all the official music.”

And just in case any “footballers” are looking to collaborate with him, Akon is nipping it in the bud now! He says, “If David Beckham said he wanted to contribute musically, I’d advise him not to. He’d definitely be better off playing. It doesn’t work
when athletes try to become musicians.”

We think Akon would be a perfect choice! Next year’s world cup is in South Africa, and Akon has always infused his sound with West African influence. We can’t wait to hear what he comes up with! But we hope he re-thinks that David Beckham collaboration.