No More Controversy for Akon

November 24, 2008 By:
No More Controversy for Akon

Singer Akon has been accused of many things throughout his career in music, everything from causing riots at his concerts to injuring a fan to humping a 14 year old and who could forget his infamous dry hump with Tara Reid.

With all the bad press he's racked up in the past, Akon is ready to move on with his life and avoid any further controversy.

During the 2008 American Music Awards, Akon told Hollyscoop his new album “Freedom” has helped him mature.

“Its very different, refurnishing a new image, very clean album, no parent advisory sticker its called freedom and its meant for all genres all ages and every demographic out there it’s a real big international record."

What inspired Akon to change his ways? “I'm growing. I'm maturing and I want records that reflect that. Plus everything that’s going out right now in the economy, I want to make a party record that people can dance and have fun to,” Akon tells Hollyscoop.

In regards to all the controversy Akon said, “Absolutely not, you learn about everything that happens, all your mistakes it makes you a better person…you learn from it and you move on in a positive way and try to encourage others to do the same thing.”

Akon's new album drops on December 2, so make sure it's on your list of CD's to buy!