All American Rejects Release Cover Art Teaser Video

February 16, 2012 By:
All American Rejects Release Cover Art Teaser Video

While we wait for the All American Rejects upcoming album, “Kids In The Street” which will finally drop on March 27, we can at least get a small taste of their new sound with this teaser video for the upcoming album cover art. Think of it as the teaser… before the teaser.

In this video, we see an ambiguously shady figure welding pieces of iron and neon signs together. Finally the sign is illuminated and it reads the bands name complete with photos of black-and-white photos of hipsters wearing bizarre masks. I guess these people are the “Kids In The Street.”

The band has also debuted the first single off their upcoming album called “Beekeeper’s Daughter” and it’s classic All American Rejects at their best.

The song still has that uptempo pop rock vibe of vintage All American Rejects, but as the band matures so to does their sound. While we yearn for the days of songs like “Move Along” and “Gives You Hell,” I feel like “Beekeeper’s Daughter” is a more somber and evolved side of the band and I like it.

Stereotude caught up with All American Rejects recently to get the scoop on their new album and frontman Tyson Ritter tells us, “It’s like the collective effort of three years of work muddled into 12 songs. A lot of people say it takes 10 years to master your art and I think you know this is our tenth year as a band together and this is the record that is definitive of that mastering said craft, art, thing, whatever.”