Concert Photo: Bra-Throwing at All Time Low

June 7, 2013 By:

Sometimes pictures are worth a million words, sometimes just a good laugh. When we saw this Instagram from user fluffypuffyzoey taken just before an All Time Low show with the caption “#alltimelow #piercetheveil #concerttime #funtime #brathrowing,” we needed to hear more.

Zoey explains via email…

“ever since I was about twelve I was a huge fan of all time low. I was introduced to them by my best friend simberlee, who lives very far away from me, I only get to see her once every couple years. and even though weve grown apart there is always one thing we have in common, music. we have always loved all of the same bands. and when I listen to all time low it makes me think of the good times with my best friend sim. which is where my love for them started.

sim introduced me to their movie "all time low: straight to dvd"

(Photo: Elise Shively / Stereotude)

“in the movie there is a part where they talk about how all the crazy fans throw their bras at them while they are performing and they keep them all. and jack has his mic stand full of bras they collect from the show.

when me and sim saw that we planned to throw bras at them if we ever got to see all time low together.

although I still haven't gotten to go to an all time low concert with my bestfriend, I have been to many. and at the last one, me and another friend wanted to do the brathrowing.

so that's where it all started.”

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