American Idol Contestants to Go Shirtless on Tour?

June 14, 2010 By:
American Idol Contestants to Go Shirtless on Tour?

After the American Idol finale, the show doesn’t really end for the top ten contestants. They head out on a nationwide tour so their fans can see them perform on person!

Hollyscoop caught up with some of this year’s finale contestants on the show—Tim Urban, Michael Lynche (aka "Big Mike"), Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens, and they gave us the EXCLUSIVE scoop on what to expect from this summer’s Idol tour.

Aaron, who’s only 17 years old, told us, “We are going to keep it in our comfort zones. I know we are all performing songs that fit us as artists. I'm really excited. Mine is going to be more of a country themed, I see myself in the modern route of country. Everyone is doing songs they feel really comfortable with.”

So we had a little fun with them, and proposed a shirtless number! Tim immediately nominated Aaron for the job. “Aaron Kelly is taking his shirt off on tour,” he joked with us.

He added, “The inside scoop is a lot of variety. What is really cool for us is that when we are doing the sets and rehearsing we get to listen to everybody else. Hearing the different sets that are going before mine and after mine is just has a lot of variety. The fans are going to see really different, cool sides to us.”

But as much as we tried to stay serious with the Idol stars, they were just out to have a good time! Big Mike even came over and asked, “Is Aaron already taking his shirt off? He does that at every interview we do.”
Katie Stevens proposed a sexy idea for the tour as well! “Oh the shirtless number,” she said. “It’s going to be ‘I'm a Slave for You’ by Britney right? He is going to carry the snake out by himself.”

Sounds like these guys are going to be a ball to see live! Click here for tickets, and watch our EXCLUSIVE interview below.