Nigel Lythgoe Thinks X-Factor Might be Better than American Idol

July 15, 2011 By:
Nigel Lythgoe Thinks X-Factor Might be Better than American Idol

Nigel Lythgoe is one of the original creators and Executive Producers of “American Idol” and FOX's other hit show “So You Think You Can Dance.” So really, you have Nigel Lythgoe to thank for everything you love about reality talent competition shows.

From the judges sitting in oversized chairs, to the contestants dramatic rises to fame, Lythgoe has been behind it all.

"So You Think You Can Dance" is kind of like Lythgoe’s baby and hopes it can grow into an even greater fitness program, “It’s been fabulous working on SYTYCD…It’s a program very close to my heart. It’s something that we can influence the whole country with and if we can introduce it into a sort of a health and fitness program even better,” he tells Hollyscoop.

Just start doing zumba dance routines on the show. Done and done.

The last season of "American Idol" was a hit especially after introducing new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler but Lythgoe can’t tell us any other details about any judge change-ups, “I’m not in the negotiating committee that’s doing these deals, so I can’t tell you anymore that that’s out there in the moment.”

However, "Idol" is about the contestants right? And not what bird inspired hair extensions Steven Tyler is going to wear. “The important thing is the talent changes. That’s what keeps it fresh,” predicts Lythgoe.

So what’s the secret to churning out great talent on "Idol" year after year? “I think the singers last year were focused on who they wanted to be. Scottie knew he wanted to be country. James knew he wanted to be heavy metal. I like that. I like that they’re not copying. They’re not just karaoke singers. They’re unique to themselves.”

Now, the "Idol" competitor "X-Factor" is appearing, Lythgoe predicts that it might give "Idol" a run for it’s money, “I think the X-factor is going to do very well…With X-factor you know they’re going to be using older talent which can be very good and they’re going to be using groups as well. So there’s a lot more going for it.”

Let's just hope "X-Factor" doesn't turn into "America's Got Talent," that's the show where people can juggle baton of fire and potentially win right?