Steven Tyler: I Almost Died Recently

April 27, 2011 By:
Steven Tyler: I Almost Died Recently

It’s no secret that Steven Tyler used to be a hard-core druggie. He’s been sober for 16 months now, and its only because he feared he was about to die.

He admits he’s abused with body with so much booze and drugs; he wouldn’t be alive today if he didn’t quit and go to rehab. And he has Idol to thank for his clean and sober lifestyle.

He told People magazine, "If you think going out in front of high-def cameras and millions of people I'm not high on adrenaline, you're crazy. I'm stoned when that curtain drops. I just don't snort the curtain dropping. I don't snort J.Lo either, though I do breathe her in."

Um…ok. You sound high right now.

He checked into rehab at the end of 2009 to seek treatment for his addiction to painkillers. He may be sober, but he sounds a tad bit crazy. Oh well, can’t win em all.