Amy Winehouse Collapses Halfway Through Comeback Performance

May 11, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Collapses Halfway Through Comeback Performance

So much for that comeback! Amy Winehouse performed over the weekend at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, but didn’t exactly impress the crowd. She began her performance in a tight, revealing blue dress and high heels. But those heels weren’t made for singin’, because Amy stumbled and fell shortly into her performance. She also reportedly forgot her lines, and told the audience she was bored.

The crowd was disappointed, and showed their discontent by jeering and booing her. That made Amy angry, and according to sources, Amy shouted “F**k you” two times to the crowd before exiting.

Amy’s camp denies the claims that Amy stumbled over her own feet and her lines, and attribute her behavior to bad weather, which forced her to leave her performance early. But two different sources tell the Daily Mail: “I was there. She was booed off the stage.If it was the rain why did the act after her perform?”

“Weather aside, it was not raining when Amy came on stage, it did rain heavily later in her set but that has not stopped previous performers here!”

Ams rep says, “Amy and the band tried to soldier on but the set had to be cut short.Amy is very disappointed as St Lucia has been wonderful to her and its people have welcomed her with open arms, but circumstances beyond anyone's control meant that this special show did not go as planned.”

Most people are used to Amy’s behavior by now, and her fans are just upset at the wasted talent. One audience member added, “The tickets for the event are expensive for anyone and especially local people. Amy needs to take time out and sort her life out. Very disappointing.”
Are you surprised by Amy’s most recent behavior? Or should we get over it, because she’ll never change?