Amy Winehouse Died From Alcohol Poisoning

October 26, 2011 By:

Two months after Amy Winehouse’s untimely death, we’re getting new information about the night leading up to her death.

Amy was reportedly sober for three weeks before her death and the night before she passed away she consumed so much alcohol, she literally drowned in vodka.

According to the coroner’s report, Amy had lethal amounts of alcohol in her blood—more than five times the British drunk-driving limit.

Coroner Suzanne Greenaway gave a verdict of “death by misadventure,” saying Winehouse died of accidental alcohol poisoning after she resumed drinking following weeks of abstinence.

“The unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels [of alcohol] was her sudden and unexpected death,” Greenaway said.

Police found three bottles of vodka, two large and one small, from her flat after her death.

The inquest also found that her vital organs were in good health and she had no traces of illegal drugs in her system.

Oddly enough as soon as she was pronounced dead, most people assumed it was from a drug overdose. But it turns out she was completely free of illegal drugs.

Amy went to rehab several times in the years leading up to her death. In 2005 she went through a period of heavy drinking, heavy drug use and violent mood swings.

The bigger success she became, the bigger addict she became. In August 2007, Winehouse cancelled a number of shows in the UK and Europe, citing exhaustion and ill health. She was hospitalized during this period for reported overdose of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and alcohol.

After a video of Amy smoking crack cocaine hit the internet, she entered rehab facility for a two-week treatment program in January 2008. She didn’t even complete the full 30 days before she was back home and back to her old habits.

In June 2009 her father Mitch released a statement saying she was back in rehab claiming heavy drinking caused a “slight backward step.”

On May 25, 2011 Amy checked herself back in rehab. On the way to the rehab facility she stopped by a liquor store, bought vodka and drank it right out of the bottle in front of the liquor store attendant. She stayed in rehab for one week before leaving early. She rarely ever completed her rehab stints, which is why she returned so many times—mostly against her will.

Are you surprised to hear Amy passed away from alcohol and not drugs?