Amy Winehouse Gets Booed On Stage

November 15, 2007 By:
Amy Winehouse Gets Booed On Stage

British train wreck Amy Winehouse was booed on stage yesterday during a concert in Birmingham, England.

Her performance turned into a tribute to her junkie husband Blake, who is doing time behind bars. Fans were so unimpressed by Winehouse, they booed her before walking out of the venue.

Winehouse told the audience, "Let me tell you something. First of all, if you're booing you're a mug for buying a ticket. Second, to all the people booing just wait till my husband gets out." After performing 'Back To Black,' she said, "Nothing's going to bring my husband back."

Winehouse then dedicated track 'Wake Up Alone' to Blake, announcing, "This is for my husband."

The few fans that were left at the concert witnessed Winehouse drop the microphone and walk off stage without singing her closing number. Winehouse has been a disappointment on stage for months now so I don't understand why people still buy tickets to her concerts or performances.