Amy Winehouse Granted Permission to Tour U.S.

August 13, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Granted Permission to Tour U.S.

Amy Winehouse is finally coming to America! She’s been such a mess for so long, that every time she’d had planned performances in the U.S., she wasn’t granted a visa, so had to cancel.

But Amy is starting to get her act together, and is starting the process of obtaining a work visa so she can tour over here! Two years ago, she was banned from our country because of her pending criminal charges.

A rep for the Winehouse said in a statement today, “There is nothing to stop her getting a visa to travel to America. Back to Black was the second biggest-selling album in the world last year and she never had the chance to tour there, so it’s on the cards.”

A friend of Amy’s also told The Sun, “Amy loves the idea of jetting off to America. She really wants to go to the States and play some shows. She knows she has a huge fan base there and would love to boost her profile further and give something back to all the people who buy her records.”

Well it’s about time! We’ve only been waiting two years! And while Amy’s at at, we’d appreciate hearing some new songs!