Amy Winehouse Leaving Record Label?

April 30, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Leaving Record Label?

Amy Winehouse is reportedly planning on leaving her record label, Island Records, after the release of her next album.

A source tells The Sun, "For the first time in her career, Amy is beginning to have her head turned by the cash she can make.

"It's never been a huge deal in the past, but she is beginning to realize everyone else is making all the money out of her success. Her deal with Island ends after the next record. That's why they are trying to get her to clean up first and make sure it's a classic.

"Once she gets that out she wants to set up her own label. She plans to release her own material on it."

Unless she plans on cleaning up her act soon, she might not even make it to that point. It's sad but true.