Amy Winehouse to Work With Usher

April 9, 2010 By:
Amy Winehouse to Work With Usher

Will Amy Winehouse ever get back to making music? We’ve been waiting for well over a year for her to get her act together, but still there’s no word on a new album!

But we hear rumors that Amy is finally ready to get back into the studio and record music. She reportedly called Usher to see if he’d duet with her! A source tells the Daily Star, “Amy personally called Usher after asking her people to get his number. He was shocked to hear some Cockney girl chatting away but finally believed it was Amy when she sang for him.”

The source added, “Amy wants to release a song with him and her god-daughter Dionne is desperate for the pair to perform together.”

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And music making isn’t the only thing on Amy’s agenda—apparently she’s interested in baby making as well! Wino has put on weight recently, which we assumed was a result of her getting off drugs. But friends of the singer say she’s also doing it so she has an easier time getting pregnant.

“Amy’s looking so much better because she’s been off drugs for a good six months,” a source said last month.

“She used to survive on sweets, ice cream and crisps, but she’s been stocking up on vegetables and fresh produce so that she can do some cooking and hopefully get pregnant.

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But others worry it’s too soon for Amy and Blake to be raising a child. One friend said, “Blake’s spent five months clean because he’s had no choice, but they were such a bad influence on each other in the past that everyone’s wondering whether it’s too soon to bring a baby into their lives.”

We think she should concentrate on one thing and one thing only right now—and that’s music!