Amy Winehouse Writes Betrayal Song About Blake

April 14, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Writes Betrayal Song About Blake

Amy Winehouse has reportedly just written a betrayal song aimed at Blake after hearing news he was going to be father to another woman’s baby. Well, anything to get her back into the studio, we suppose!

News broke over the weekend of Blake discovering he would be a father to British woman Gileen Morris’ child. Amy is apparently heartbroken over the news, and has decided to write a song about it while working on her album in St. Lucia.

A source tells The Sun, "Amy still felt they had something between them and that one day they’d be together again. But this news destroyed her. She sat down with her guitar and started writing The Ultimate Betrayal. She keeps repeating the line: Blake a baby, no, no, no. It’s very haunting.”

Amy had this coming to her! Did she really think Blake would sit around and wait for her after the way she acted in St. Lucia the first time she was there? It was no secret that Amy was with that British actor Josh Bowman. There were pictures of them all over the tabloids! So this is a taste of her own medicine.