Amy Winehouse's Dad to Write Her Memoir

October 10, 2011 By:

Two Things. Mitch Winehouse is going to write the "true story" of Amy Winehouse's life. Second thing, did you know Mitch Winehouse is also a singer? He has an album and everything. More on that later. But first, this book deal.

Mitch Winehouse will pen "Amy, My Daughter" a memoir/tell-all about his songstress daughter, he says writing the book will help him deal with her passing.

"I feel that I need to write this book to tell the true story of Amy and to help with my personal recovery," says Mitch.

All proceeds from the book will go to the The Amy Winehouse Foundation, the official charity created by the Winehouse family that officially launched last month on what would have been the singers 28th birthday.

HarperCollins will release the book next summer. "I also want to raise as much money as possible for Amy's Foundation, so all proceeds from the book will go directly to help children who as disadvantaged through illness and substance addiction."

It's great that ALL proceeds go to the foundation.

The publisher is describing the book as a "heartfelt and revelatory memoir," and that "the strength Mitch Winehouse has shown over recent months is truly admirable."

Mitch just wants to ensure nobody forgets about his daughter or her music, "I believe that through Amy's music, her foundation, and this book, her name will live forever."

"His desire to create a definitive account of Amy's life, that will solely benefit the foundation he has established in her name, is something that we are incredibly proud to be a part of."

In other Winehouse news, Mitch Winehouse has an album out. It's his own songs, and the album is called "Rush of Love." He's going to perform some of his new songs at a charity brawl (like celeb boxing, I'm assuming) to raise more funds for his daughter's foundation at Proud2 in London's The O2 arena later this month.

He also performed last month at another charity event in London where he struggled to get through the performance, choking back tears as he dedicated the performance to his daughter. He's actually quite good, he sounds like Frank Sinatra.

So far, all of Mitch's performances have benefited his daughter's charity. He once said, "Amy touched millions throughout the world and I know she will continue to, through the foundation."