Amy Winehouse's Dad Turns Her Old Room into Shrine

December 12, 2011 By:
Amy Winehouse's Dad Turns Her Old Room into Shrine

After Amy Winehouse died in her room at her parents home in North London in July, her father Mitch Winehouse admits that he hasn't touched some of the items in the room and left it just as it was when she passed away. 

Creating a sort of shrine to the late singer, her dad admits, "I can't bring myself to move some things. Some of the stuff that she left - it's still there, just as it way."

After Amy passed away, fans gathered outside the home to show their respect to the singer with make-shift shrines and camped outside her house for days. Now Amy's dad has made an unofficial shrine of her own bedroom. 

He also wants the city of Camden to pay tribute to Amy by creating an actual shrine or some kind of dedicated bench in the city to forever honor Amy. 

"A daughter of my friend died and they had a bench dedicated to her outside the roundhouse venue," says Mitch Winehouse, referring to a local spot near their home, "I would love to do something similar for Amy because this will always be the place she loved."

"We want to ask Camden Council if we can have a bench in Camden Square or a memorial of some sort. I think everyone would be happy. The only thing that worries me is that the neighbours might not like it, and I really hope that isn't a problem," admits Mitch. 

Like the fans that gathered near the house after Amy's passing, many more might do that same if a bench or memorial is created in the city. According to neighbors, the fans and devotees partied outside her home for several days during July for the "memorial" and reportedly disturbed the neighbors with their grief-stricken rioting. 

Mitch says that he used to blame the city and all it's bars for contributing to her daughter's death, but now he's come to terms with it all. 

"I used to blame places she went to, like the pubs in Camden Town, but now I don't," says Mitch. 

Meanwhile, Amy's posthumous album, "Lioness: Hidden Treasures" reached the number one spot in the UK Billboard charts. It's actually her biggest weekly sale of any of her albums debuts, moving 194,000 units in one week. 

"It's such amazing news that Amy's album has gone to No. 1, and just goes to show what she still means to people," says her mother Janis. 

Like most other items related to Amy's memory, the proceeds will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which aims to help young people struggling with addiction problems.