Amy Winehouse's Ex-Husband Won't Get Any of Her Fortune

March 28, 2012 By:
Amy Winehouse's Ex-Husband Won't Get Any of Her Fortune

Amy Winehouse passed away last July and since she was only 27, she didn’t leave a will. That means her estate and all her money will go to her parents. This is a relief (for Amy Winehouse fans?) because none of her hard earned cash will go to her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

According to The Sun newspaper, Amy was worth $6.7 million. After taxes and unpaid bills, she was worth about $4.6 million.

“She had no idea how much money she had and it certainly wasn’t the top of her priority list,” says the source, “Had she made a will, Blake may have been left something – not case, perhaps an investment. Amy still loved him when she died.”

Amy and Blake married in May 2007 and divorced July 2009.

All of Amy’s $4.6 million will go to her parents, “The way things are, Mitch and Janis have been handed the estate. They’re sensible and shrewd so it’s probably for the best Blake doesn’t get anything.”

Interestingly, before Winehouse died she was worth $15 million, so many wondered what happened to all her cash? But sources close to the singer said she didn’t care about her money and probably had no idea how much she actually had.

“You could have burned a pile of her cash in front of her and she would have lit a cigarette off the embers,” says a source.

Well from a rumored $15 million to ending up with $4.6 million, maybe she was burning cash?