Amy Winehouse's Parents Giving Performing Arts School Scholarship

March 2, 2012 By:

When Amy Winehouse was 13, she attended a performing arts school in London. Her parents want to sponsor another talented kid and put them through the same arts school that Amy went to.

“Amy was a pupil at the Sylvia Young Theater School. This is where her talent was recognized and nurtured,” says her dad Mitch, “The Amy Winehouse Foundation would like to give a child who otherwise couldn’t afford the same opportunity the chance to realize their talents.”

Amy’s parents have been championing the Amy Winehouse Foundation since Amy’s passing in July. The foundation gives money to deserving youth "who are in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial disadvantage or addiction," but this is their first announcement to support the arts.

“Nothing will ever make up for our loss, but this is a wonderful thing for us to be able to do. The scholarship is something that we are deeply, deeply proud to be offering. It will keep Amy’s name alive in the best possible way,” says Mitch, “The scholarship is such great news for us after all the recent ups and downs.”

The theater school’s owner, Sylvia Young, says she hopes another talent like Amy will walk through her schools doors.

“It would be wonderful to find another Amy, but there was only one of her. We would be happy to find a singer, dancer or actor who has a special talent,” Sylvia tells The Sun.