Cambridge University Studying Amy Winehouse Lyrics

May 27, 2008 By:
Cambridge University Studying Amy Winehouse Lyrics

Amy Winehouse may be a junkie, but the girl has talent, which is why students at Cambridge University are now analyzing her lyrics as poetry.

Cambridge University students have been asked to compare the lyrics of the pop star Amy Winehouse with the poetry of Sir Walter Ralegh in a final year exam paper.

"Those taking the Practical Criticism paper were given a sheet containing the singer's words to her single Love is a Losing Game and asked to contrast them with a work by the 16th century poet and explorer," reports the UK's Telegraph.

The exam question read: "The Oxford English Dictionary defines 'lyric' as 'Of or pertaining to the lyre; adapted to the lyre, meant to be sung'. It also quotes Ruskin's maxim 'lyric poetry is the expression by the poet of his own feelings'.

"Compare poem (a) on the separate sheet [a lyric by Sir Walter Ralegh, written 1592] with one or two of the song-lyrics (b)-(d) with reference to these diverse senses of 'lyric'."

Technically this is just about the only way Wino would even make to a University, so holla!