Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse- Tony Bennett Releases "Body and Soul" Duet

September 14, 2011 By:
Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse- Tony Bennett Releases

Today would have been Amy Winehouse’s 28th birthday, so to honor the day, Winehouse's duet with Tony Bennett is being released today.

The single, a remake of the song "Body and Soul" features the two crooning on the famous track and was recorded months before Winehouse passed away on July 23. Proceeds from the sales of the song will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation established by Amy's family after her passing.

Tony Bennett released the entire "music video" for the song today to his youtube account and the video allows fans to take a peek at the two in the studio recording the track. Bennett wears a dapper black suit and Amy looks healthy and happy in a conservative argyle sweater.

Earlier this week, Bennett released a preview of the song and one of the last remaining interviews of the singer.

Winehouse was practically bubbling over with excitement when she talked about her duet with Tony, "It's a beautifully written song, it's a song you can do a lot with, so I was really excited to sing that. The ending worked out perfect, us singing together just blended perfectly and couldn't have been better," she gushes.

The two traded verses throughout the song and then come together at the end in a finale that is nothing short of magical. In the video for the full song, the two finish the song and embrace in the cutest on-screen hug ever.

Amy seemed so lighthearted when she recorded this song, she jokes about meeting Bennett, "When I met 'Tone.' Can I call him 'Tone'?"

Sadly, Amy's dad hasn't brought himself to watch the video yet, "I haven't seen it, honestly. I can't bring myself to see it. At some point, I'm going to watch it. But I'm finding it very difficult, at the moment."

Amy's family is laying low during her birthday. Her father Mitch is staying in New York with his cousin and later this week he will join Bennett for the CD launch.

Mitch tells Access Hollywood, "We'll just spend the day together like we always do. It's going to be difficult. She's going to be there, but there isn't going to be any kisses and cuddles like there always is. So, you know, we'll get through it."

Mitch also told Piers Morgan, "Her legacy will be her music. Hopefully, there will be some more music. I don't think there's a great deal to come, [but] there will be some more, hopefully."

There were rumors that Winehouse had been working on another album before she died, so many were wondering what was going to happen to all that unreleased music.