Pete Doherty: Amy Winehouse's Ghost is Haunting Me

November 15, 2011 By:
Pete Doherty: Amy Winehouse's Ghost is Haunting Me

Amy Winehouse may have passed away, but apparently her ghost is still around and haunting her pal Pete Doherty. Keep in mind Pete makes more headlines for being high than being an actual singer, so there’s a good chance he’s hallucinating all this, but lets see what he has to say anyway.

Pete, who used to date Kate Moss, claims to have seen “ghostly images” of Amy in his bedroom and her reflections in mirrors late at night. Again, this could be a drunken/high dream.

A pal said, "He is utterly convinced that he has seen her ghost.A lot of people will think his visions are probably drug-induced but he claims he is clean".

Apparently he’s so freaked out by seeing Amy’s ghost, he’s left his London flat, which is close to Amy’s former home in Camden, for Paris. Watch out Paris. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

Apparently the ‘Babyshambles’ singer was so distraught over her death, he couldn’t attend her funeral when she passed away in July.

There were rumors that they were hooking up on the down low, but Amy claimed they were strictly just friends. Or druggy buddies. In July 2008, Rolling Stone reporter Claire Hoffman asked Amy Winehouse about her relationship with Doherty. Winehouse replied: "We're just good friends", and added: "I asked Pete to do a concept EP, and he made this face, he looked at me like I'd pooed on the floor. He wouldn't do it. We're just really close"

Amy and Pete would often hang out and do a ton of drugs together. They’ve both been in and out of rehab a million times and everything she would hang with Pete, it would cause a lot of concern for her family.

Pete Doherty was with Kate Moss when she was infamously caught doing cocaine off a CD while in a recording studio. It almost ended her career. She lost more than $30 million dollars worth of modeling contracts right after that scandal. She was nicknamed 'Cocaine Kate' after that scandal.

And that’s not all. He was questioned by police after socialite Robyn Whitehead died of a drug overdose after hanging out with Pete Doherty.

Just hours before her death footage showed her smoking a crack cocaine out of a brandy bottle improvised into a pipe with Pete. The moral of the story is: Don’t hang out with Pete Doherty.