Sex Pistols Criticizes Winehouse

August 1, 2008 By:
Sex Pistols Criticizes Winehouse

We have to admit, it's a little overboard how much praise Amy Winehouse gets based on her one album Back To Black.

It's like her crack-addict ways are overshadowed by how genius she is in the studio and on stage. But John Lydon of the Sex Pistols doesn't seem to think Amy is all that. In fact, he thinks she's turned to drugs to mask her lack of talent.

He tells Scottish newspaper the Daily Record,

"Poor old Amy. Aimless Winehouse would be a better term. I love all kinds of music but the one thing I have never done is imitate black music in her idiotic way.

There's not a single word that means anything. It's not like these songs are deeply moving or inspirational or cultural in any way you could find useful." And Lydon puts Winehouse's ongoing struggle with her addictions down to her alleged musical failings.

"I don't like pale imitations and shades of things and I am always wary when people go jazzy because jazz is the best cover up for a lack of talent. And the cover up for her, which is probably the guilt trip, is that she requires vast amounts of drugs to hide the fact that she is fake."

Wow, is that a statement or what?! Gotta hand it to John for not sugarcoating anything. Do you agree with him, or do you think Amy is super talented?