The Top Pop Albums of the Decade

December 1, 2009 By:
The Top Pop Albums of the Decade

Believe it or not the 00's are almost over. There's one month left until we're officially done with this decade, which means it's time for the years end countdowns. But this year is different, we're counting down a decade!

Our friends over at Popeater conducted a year end (or shall we say decade end?) list of the top albums of the 00's. Check out the list below and tell us if you agree!

10. Amy Winehouse -- 'Back to Black'

9. Green Day -- 'American Idiot'

8. OutKast -- 'Stankonia'

7. Beyonce -- 'B-Day'

6. Gwen Stefani -- 'Love. Angel. Music. Baby.'

4. Kelly Clarkson -- 'Breakaway'

3. Gorillaz -- 'Demon Days'

2. Kanye West -- 'The College Dropout'

Check out to find out which album was voted the number one album of the decade.