Anderson Releases Sophomore Album It Runs in the Family

June 9, 2009 By:
Anderson Releases Sophomore Album It Runs in the Family

Anderson is about to become a household name in the U.S! The electro-pop band hails from The Netherlands, and is well –known already across Europe and Japan. They’ve decided to share with us this time around, and their sophomore album It Runs in the Family just dropped on iTunes today.

Within the first couple notes of Michael * Running on the Asphalt, Anderson is reminiscent of The Postal Service, with its soothing, stripped-down sound and electronic beats.

But looking past that obvious comparison, It Runs in the Family has a great back story. Each of the ten tracks begins with someone’s first name—all members of the Benson family, and all estranged from each other. They each share their deepest feelings with each other via the occasional postcard.

Each song follows a family member, stringing them together slowly to create one whole family, and thus a completely satisfying album. Each song flows in to the next, with track No. 6 “Richard * Mister Gravity” adding that extra pop amongst the latter, which are more low-key.

Anderson will be on a worldwide tour through the summer, and into the fall, hitting up Japan first, followed by the U.S., and then Europe. Click here
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It Runs in the Family on iTunes now!