Aretha Franklin Gets Engaged to Longtime Partner

January 3, 2012 By:
Aretha Franklin Gets Engaged to Longtime Partner

At 69-years-old, Aretha Franklin is planning to tie the knot for the third time. I guess she took a cue from Britney Spears. Third times the charm, y'all.

She is engaged to her long-time partner William "Willie" Wilkerson, and released in a statement that she is considering a summer wedding. She also wants a dress by Vera Wang, Valentino or Donna Karan and reportedly wants to follow the ceremony with a reception on a yacht.

While we're at it, why don't we get E! to film the whole thing, see if David Guetta can DJ the reception and ask if Ryan Seacrest can host. Sheesh. Also, Vera Wang for a third wedding dress? If I ever make it to my third wedding, I'm just gonna go to the courthouse in a white maxi dress, let's be real.

Franklin was married to Ted White, her then manager, in the 60's. She then married actor Glynn Turnman in 1977 and divorced him 5 years later.

When the announcement of her surprise engagement came out, Franklin joked, "No, I'm not pregnant." Ehh, I don't think anybody thought you were.

Lately, Franklin has been doing really well. She recently lost 85 pounds and after some serious health issues in 2010, that forced her to cancel concert all the way up to May 2011, she is reportedly feeling "fabulous" again.

However, her drastic weight loss sparked some rumors that she had undergone gastric bypass surgery. Not that that would have been a bad thing, but Franklin denies it.

"Definitely not - and would not. I heard that rumor. I said, "That is crazy." It definitely was not the bariatric or, what is it, gastric...Yeah, I can't even tell you the correct name of it" says Franklin.